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European Centre for Modern Languages: call for proposals for the 2024–2027 programme

The ECML, for which France Éducation international has been the national contact point since 2004, invites language teaching professionals to participate in the call for proposals for its 2024–2027 programme: “Language education at the heart of democracy”. The call for project proposals is open until 31 August 2023.


The ECML, an institution of the Council of Europe located in Graz, Austria, offers its 35 member states a platform for promoting innovation and good practices in modern language learning and teaching. Every 4 years, when its programme is renewed, the ECML invites member states to set up international teams to work on projects that address national priorities.

Anyone actively involved in language education and who has the necessary knowledge and expertise can respond to the call for proposals. Professionals who may be unable to take time off away from their school can take part as associate partners, who are responsible for piloting new tools within their school.

France Éducation international’s Laboratory for Innovation and Resources in Education (LIRE) team helps to organise seminars and works to promote ECML projects and publications among French language teaching professionals. Some of the articles, published until 2021 in the Courriel européen des langues magazine, feature project coordinators, while others focus on national language policy in member states. All the articles are available in the “Actualités du CELV” section on FEI’s LISEO document portal.

The latest contributions to the LISEO portal include an interview with Sarah Breslin, Executive Director of the ECML, who talks about the “Language education at the heart of democracy” programme and the call for project proposals for 2024-2027.

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