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FOCAALE - Recommendations


The FOCAALE project ends with the publication of recommendations for all project stakeholders:

  • French trainers teaching to an adult migrant public who are not readers and are not writers;
  • Trainers of trainers of French teaching to a non-reader non-writer migrant audience;
  • Heads of training organisations;
  • Training manager in the field of French and other language as a foreign language;
  • Policy makers working on integration and social inclusion issues, training of trainers, foreign language training.

The three years of the project have enabled the partnership to put forward the following 6 recommendations:

  1. Empowering the trainers: trainers must have the necessary resources to address the learners’ needs
  2. Boost the sector’s professionalization: the professionalization of trainers’ role must be encouraged, strengthened, and supported.
  3. Enhance the role of the non-profit sector: the collaboration between the associative non-profit sector and the institutional world must be promoted.
  4. Support the testing of innovative training schemes: trainers and field operators must be encouraged to test and implement innovative training schemes for non-native speaking adults.
  5. Close the gap between research and practice: the collaboration between field operators and the academic world must be promoted.
  6. Support the learners to get out of the training room: learning community development must be supported and the collaboration between all the actors involved in the reception and training of non-native speaking adults must be encouraged.