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Fil plurilingue: the bilingual interclass exchange scheme is expanding!

Since September 2022, the Le fil plurilingue platform has offered a new school twinning scheme between French-speaking bilingual classes looking for a partnership that provides direct access to exchange projects submitted by other classes or schools around the world.


The purpose of the school twinning scheme is to bring together French-speaking bilingual sections to develop different types of projects, including virtual exchanges or mobility, short-term or long-term durations, correspondence or matching.

These tailored partnership projects are an opportunity for schools to develop the teaching practices recommended in bilingual teaching methods (project-based learning, interdisciplinary projects, French-speaking setting, etc.), and are a key criterion for obtaining the LabelFrancÉducation seal.

Le fil plurilingue's interactive map for school twinning now provides direct access to exchange projects submitted by French-speaking bilingual classes around the world, and displays the projects’ details (location, school and level of French, non-language subjects, type of project, etc.).

Once schools have identified a suitable project, they can directly contact the Fil plurilingue team to get in touch with candidate classes. Sections can also request more information about the scheme or submit a project proposal.