IIEP and CIEP signs partnership agreement


The Centre international d’études pédagogiques (CIEP) and the International Institute for Educational Planning (IIEP-UNESCO) have signed a framework agreement that will allow both institutions to work together to better meet the needs of education systems worldwide.

Under this agreement, both organizations are committed to exchanging information and best practices, at the international level, around the transition from school-to-work as well as on planning, the operation and quality of counselling systems, and lifelong education and training.

Additionally, the two organizations will combine expertise to strengthen the capacity of institutions in regards to public-private partnerships, governance systems, pilot institutions, and educational training for stakeholders.

The partnership will allow both organizations to:

  • Host foreign delegations and participate in the activities organized by each of the partners,
  • Jointly organize seminars and conferences,
  • Conceive or carry out international projects, products or training to foreign institutions.

In the opening of the signature event, Suzanne Grant Lewis, IIEP’s Director, referred to the two organization’s long history and the common values that underpin the actions of both CIEP and IIEP. She also stressed that the CIEP was a benchmark for international cooperation in the field of education.

Daniel Assouline, Director of CIEP, thanked IIEP for welcoming his organization on the IIEP premises and added that “it was important to have a partner like IIEP because of its knowledge of education systems and the needs of countries.”

Founded in 1963, IIEP is the only specialized organization of UNESCO whose mission is to assist in the development of educational policy, planning and management. IIEP strengthens the capacities of countries towards the attainment of Education 2030, a central part of the Sustainable Development Goals. IIEP fulfills its mission through flexible and international training, technical assistance, applied research and the development and sharing of knowledge.