Training catalogue - A-Z list

CIEP offers training in the fields of languages and education, based on annual meetings, distance learning and tailored internships.
CIEP is supported in the organisation of this training provision by a network of experts and by French and foreign partners.

Target audience:

These services are aimed at training personnel, inspectors, consultants, trainers and at French and foreign teachers.


Training takes place at either:
  • CIEP headquarters in Sèvres, close to Paris, in a historic building which once housed the workshop of the famous royal porcelain manufacturer, and which offers interns working conditions and high quality accommodation.
  • In other French towns or in the trainees' own country.

Some training session take place at the CIEP Regional Centre in Reunion (Centre local du CIEP à La Réunion).


In certain cases, for foreign participants, internships may be funded by the cultural service of French Embassies in foreign countries or by certain regional organisations (universities, training centres, etc.), international organisations (International Francophony Organisation, Francophone University Agency, etc.), or by European bursaries.
For French participants, some training may be funded by the rector's office of Teacher Training Institutions.

Four annual meetings

Two BELC internships, in February and July

These two training sessions are aimed at French and foreign training professionals interested in professional issues concerning the teaching of French.

  • BELC - winter internship: In Sèvres, 17-28 February, 2014
    Two options (one or two weeks) and 6 affiliated establishments: French as a foreign language, French as a second language, training development, French teaching development to meet specific objectives, French as a foreign language for adult immigrants, evaluation and certification.
    100 to 150 interns.
  • BELC - summer internship: In Nantes, 7 July-1 August, 2014
    A customised training course: More than 100 modules grouped by subject;
    Long and short course options (2 to 4 weeks);
    International dimension enabling a valuable cultural and intercultural exchange;
    On-line training element to enable continued training and ensure the transferral of skills acquired.

A seminar on francophone bilingual teaching, in April

New training provision

First session: April 2008
For several years now, CIEP has been supporting projects involved in the field of bilingual teaching, in partnership with the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs: Design of curricula, feasibility studies, design of teaching materials, preparation of continuing training plans, training of groups of trainers, teachers of French and teachers of non-linguistic subjects, in France and abroad.
By way of example, CIEP has been involved in Bulgaria, Macedonia, Albania and Romania, among other countries.  It also provides an E-Newsletter on the subject, Billet du bilingue.

A seminar on education, in June

Since 2004, CIEP has organised, in partnership with other organisations, an annual seminar for teaching personnel on educational systems in developing countries (Asian, African and Latin American countries), dealing with planning, recruitment and training for teachers of basic education.

In 2007 (11-15 June), the theme of this seminar was "The professionalization of teachers of basic education: recruiting without initial training" (description of the situation, the teacher's subject, alternative to initial training).
It was organised in partnership with the French Development Agency, the Ministry for Foreign Affairs (Directorate General for International Cooperation and Development), the International Institute for Education Planning and the International Francophony Organisation.
Seminar case studies covered:

The 2006 seminar was devoted to consideration of: " Evaluation of education at an international level: impacts, contradictions, ambiguities."

Training by distance learning

"PRO FLE: professionalization in teaching French as a foreign language" is directed at teachers of French as a foreign or second language who wish to strengthen their skills through distance learning.
This training, developed in partnership between CIEP (pedagogic development design), the National Centre for Distance Learning (development design for distance learning) and the Ministry for Foreign Affairs, has been accredited by a committee specialised in the didactics of French as a Foreign Language and a committee specialised in distance learning.
It comprises 3 modules:

  • PRO FLE/Build a didactic unity
  • PRO FLE/Guide a pedagogic sequence
  • PRO FLE/Evaluate

Tailored training

The organisation of these training sessions requires that silent partners prepare a schedule of conditions, in order to meet expectations as far as possible. They may be organised in France or abroad. They are most often integrated as part of a broader collaborative project.

CIEP offers training in the field of languages:

  • Foreign languages:
    This training provision, aimed at French recipients, is arranged at the request of the national Ministry of Education.  The training provision fits in with and complements the framework for language policy and some elements of it are integrated in the National Guidance Plan ("Plan National de Pilotage").

    The training covers the following subjects among others:
    • The Primlangues website;
    • The Emilangues website;
    • European sections and sections for oriental languages (specific training, the use of ICT in Education, etc.);
    • Distance learning exchange projects, etc.
  • French language:
    This training provision is aimed primarily at teachers and trainers, of both French and foreign nationality. It deals with French as a foreign language, French as a language of professional communication, French as a teaching and learning language (second language or bilingual teaching):
    • Didactics,
    • Language, culture and intercultural matters,
    • Information and communication technologies,
    • Training development,
    • Evaluation.
  • Evaluation and certification:
    In the context of its expertise and auditing activities (audit et d'expertise) and its assistance in the design of foreign certificates and examination testing in the French language, CIEP offers training and accreditation internships.
    • In the pedagogic field:
      • Training in the design of tests and certificates, calibrated and standardized according to European and international standards, audit training and training in general evaluation methodology in the context of educational projects;
      • Accreditation for examiners and exam markers as well as examination panels.
    • In the psychometric field:
      Training in the use of software and in psychometric analysis procedures, as well as in the design of tests and certificates, calibrated and standardized according to European or international standards.

In the field of education, training is aimed at teaching personnel working in foreign educational systems, as well as trainers, inspectors and consultants. Training provision primarily covers the following topics:

  • Guidance, management and evaluation of educational systems; reform and adaptation of curricula; technical and professional teaching and short technological training courses;
  • Quality in education.