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Cooperation in education

La coopération en éducation

France Éducation international is the public service provider for cooperation in education and training with the French Ministry of National Education and Youth (ministère de l’éducation nationale et de la jeunesse).



France Éducation international endeavours to contribute to improving education in the most economically disadvantaged countries, which also have to face considerable limitations and challenges, primarily demographic growth and the youth of their population. The question of education and technical and vocational training is therefore at the core of challenges for cooperation in education, especially in Africa, which is one of the institute’s major geographic priorities and a continent facing the difficulties that come with informal economies, insecurity, immigration and terrorism.

FEI is also active in more advantaged countries that are interested in the educational practices and standards in the French education system.

Lastly, FEI aims to enhance the value of French and francophone expertise by sending experts in a wide range of fields on short- or long-term projects in countries that receive sector-specific projects with national and multilateral funding.


FEI responds to calls for expression of interest, calls for proposals, calls for tenders by large national and multilateral backers and to direct requests from ministries for education and technical and vocational training by designing solutions that are both technical and financial. When chosen, it launches the projects by carrying out the proposed roadmap, thanks in particular to a very dense network of managers and experts within the Ministry for National Education and Youth, in addition to independent experts and consortium partners.

FEI also welcomes foreign delegations of managers in training to its premises in Sèvres and organises international conferences and seminars that aim to achieve cooperation, collaboration and reflection in education.



France Éducation international’s expertise is very broad and diverse, primarily because it is built on the requirements expressed by major national and multilateral backers and by the ministries of education and technical and vocational training in the beneficiary countries. In this respect, it reflects the variety, breadth and complexity of the field. This includes curriculum reform, e-learning, quality assurance, improving employability, awareness of life skills, creating supports in all academic disciplines, twinning, awareness of gender equality, education on tolerance and citizenship, analysis of vulnerabilities, change management, teaching practices, fighting dropout rates, initial and continuing training for teachers, education planning, evaluating public policies in education and training, steering and management in education, training teachers, supporting teachers, creating and implementing a teaching programme, strengthening management skills and designing or reforming information and education management systems.

Cooperation projects

France Éducation international manages a portfolio of around 40 projects per year in educational cooperation, 17 of which concern a sum of more than €400,000.


Cultural zones and countries in which FEI works

France Éducation international is active in a wide range of countries across four of five continents, with some areas of higher engagement thanks to the confidence gained and cultural experience gathered over several years. This is the case for the Maghreb, the Sahel, West Africa, Central Africa, East Africa, the Middle East, Central America, Latin America, the Caribbean, intra-Community Europe, Western Balkans and the Caucasus.

Répartition géographique de la coopération en éducation


France Éducation international has also gained the trust of major national and multilateral backers, that fund its work, after responding to their calls for expression of interest (CEI), calls for proposals and calls for tenders and passed the validation stages for awarding of contracts, thanks to its technical and financial proposals that are competitive, expert and respect the provider’s values.