Reunion Island Education Authority

The education authority

A recently created education authority comprising 1 university, 47 lycées (including 15 vocational lycées), 82 collèges and 522 lower schools. 221,000 pupils and students out of a population of 802,000 inhabitants.

Geographical location
Reunion Island is one of the French overseas départements, situated in the Indian Ocean, some 10,000km from mainland France and close to Mauritius and Madagascar.

Warm and sunny with a rainy cyclone season between January and March. The island's extremely contrasting landscapes also give rise to various micro-climates.

A significant proportion of the island's land mass is listed as a national park and its peaks, corries and fortifications are listed as UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The majority of the island's towns are located on the coast and its capital, St Denis, in the north of the country, has just over 100,000 inhabitants. St. Pierre, in the south, is the island's second-largest town.

Bus: coastal areas enjoy good bus links, with shared taxis serving more outlying areas. Hitch-hiking is not recommended.

Tourist and cultural attractions
The island is the perfect place to enjoy all kinds of nature-based activities, and hiking in particular,and is very appropriately named given that its main appeal lies in its ethnic, religious and cultural diversity. It is also home to various cinemas, theatres, concert halls, museums and multimedia libraries.

As a European Outermost Region, the currency of Reunion Island is the euro.

The place of the teaching assistant within the education authority

Host school setup 

la reunion implantation 1
la reunion implantation 2

The remoteness of the island in relation to the European and American continents means that pupils here welcome their language assistants with open arms.
Given that the cost of living is higher on Reunion Island than in France, modern language assistants earn a net wage of around €1,220.


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