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The ERASMUS+ EU-MTR « Enhancing the use of mobility tools for recognition » project is a follow-up of the previous European QFS – UHSE project « The use or potential use of qualifications frameworks (QFs) by higher education institutions (HEIs) and other stakeholders linked to mobility ». Financed and technically supported by the European Commission, the project is coordinated by the French ENIC-NARIC and brings together six ENIC-NARIC centers: Croatia, France, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania and the Netherlands.

The results of the survey carried out in the former QFS – UHSE project demonstrated the need for user-oriented communication strategies to stimulate awareness and increase the use of European mobility tools: the European qualifications framework, national qualifications frameworks, Europass, Diploma Supplement and ECTS.

The ERASMUS+ EU-MTR project aims at ensuring the awareness and increasing the use of different mobility and recognition tools by various stakeholders, namely HEIs, public administration bodies and employers. By implementing trainings adapted to different target groups, the project will promote the existing European recognition tools and facilitate academic and professional mobility of students and workers across Europe.


  • To provide and disseminate information on existing recognition procedures and tools through the implementation of good practice in line with the Lisbon Recognition Convention and its subsidiary texts

  • To enhance the use of mobility and recognition tools


  • Trainings/events at national level in all the participating countries which aim at encouraging the use of mobility and recognition tools

  • Organization of an international seminar between the months of May – June 2015 (CIEP-France), which will bring together all the participants of the national trainings from all the participating countries around a common theme: Internationalization of Higher Education - Mobility and Employability.

  • Roundtable discussion and different workshops relating to this topic will be proposed to the participants.

Project team

Lithuanian ENIC-NARIC - SKVC
French ENIC-NARIC - CIEP - Coordinator

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Elizabeth Zamorano, Deputy Head of Department - French ENIC-NARIC, Coordinator of the project:


EU-MTR Final Report

EU-MTR Final Report

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