Online application for comparability statement

To complete your online application, you must follow several steps to ensure that your application is successfully registered. It is important to follow these steps in the correct order.

The cost of a comparability statement is €70. In some cases, assessment of an application will result in a letter being sent stating that a comparability statement could not be issued because either the qualification or the education institution is not recognised by the competent authorities of the home education system. In this case, an administrative fee of €20 will be charged.

To submit an online application, you must first log on to the following link:

Then you must complete the following steps:


  • Fill in this page with personal information. After this first step, an email will be sent with your file number
  • Reconnect using the link sent to you for your application file
  • Fill in all fields under each heading and then confirm using the green button
  • Using the dropdown menus, state in chronological order the qualifications (a maximum of 2) that you wish to have recognised
  • If your qualification is not listed, you can select ‘Other qualifications’


Online payment

Payments by cash mandate will no longer be accepted from 21 December inclusive. Different types of payment are possible.

It is important to bear in mind that an application for the recognition of qualifications is undertaken on a strictly individual basis. It is forbidden to apply for qualification recognition for two people in the same application request.

The maximum processing time for an application is 4 months.