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Several payment methods are available

The cost of the statement is €70.

Several payment methods are available:


  • By cheque in euros. The cheque must be made out to: ‘L’agent comptable du CIEP’. Remember that you must write your application reference number on the back of the cheque.


  • By bank transfer payable to the ‘L’agent comptable du CIEP’. Remember that you must include your application reference number..

Cheques and bank transfers should be sent to:

Agent comptable du CIEP
1, avenue Léon Journault
92318 Sèvres cedex
RIB N° : FR76 1007 1780 0000 0010 0397 691

After the deadline indicated on the invoice, your file will be automatically deleted.

All payments are to be sent to the accounting officer of the CIEP (public accountant), who is responsible for sums paid to the institution.

For payments by bank transfer or cheque it is important to include the application reference number shown on the invoice, for example: FPX2016Pxxxxxx. It is not necessary to state your name..

In some cases, assessment of an application will result in a letter being sent stating that a comparability statement could not be issued because either the qualification or the education institution is not recognised by the competent authorities of the home education system. In this case, an administrative fee of €20 will be charged.