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Education for sustainable development

Issue n°95, April 2024

An issue coordinated by: Jean-Marc Lange and Angela Barthes

Local education guidelines are supposed to take on board global societal issues and they evolve in line with international policy recommendations. In this interplay of reciprocal influences, the curricula, aims and values of education for sustainable development differ according to the geopolitical positioning of countries, and can be disrupted by local political, social and environmental crises. 


Climate emergencies and the erosion of biodiversity have led to social demands for justice in many countries, and to a desire for a transformation of our models of development. These aspirations critically challenge the way education for sustainable development is designed and implemented in education systems. 

This comparative dossier presents nine case studies revealing discrepancies, or at least tensions, between local contexts and international recommendations, and highlights specific settings and practices on four continents.

Case studies: India, Spiuth Korea, Burkina Faso, Slovakia, Iran, Norway, France, Brazil, Switzerland, and a bibliography.