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Collaborative work in schools

Travailler en collaboration à l'école

N° 90, avril 2022

Patrick Rayou, Jean-Pierre Véran

Collaborative work in schools is often put forward as a way to resolve the crisis of meaning faced by many educational systems.

Nevertheless, the idea that people work and learn better in groups deserves to be examined, as teaming up to do what each person could already do is not the same thing as linking efforts for the benefit of each and every one.


While all three play a part in health education, do they share the same objectives and expectations? How do school and health standards relate to each other? Who has the expertise and the power to act? The 89th issue of the Revue internationale d'éducation de Sèvres focuses on the representations and practices of each of these actors as well as on the effects of the measures taken in ten countries with different socio-cultural and political contexts.   

Even if the case studies reveal a great diversity of responses and situations, it is worth highlighting elements of convergence such as a focus on the individual needs of the child, on special education needs, preventative interventions and pupils’ wellbeing. 

However, the balance between actors remains fragile and the topic requires further investigation.