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For continuing studies

A statement issued by the ENIC-NARIC France centre may be useful for plans to continue studying.


Higher education

Admission to higher education is solely the responsibility of higher education institutes. The statement of comparability may be requested by the institute during your enrolment, but this is not a mandatory condition and each institute has its own independent admissions process.

Therefore, the institute should be your first point of contact. The relevant person at the institute concerned will make a decision on your admission based on recommendations from an educational committee. An exemption may allow you to carry over all or some of your previous academic attainment. As part of this admissions process, the institute may also ask you to present a statement of comparability for your degree, in order to make it easier to understand your academic career. However, this statement is not always required by institutes, so it is recommended to check this in advance.

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Secondary and vocational education

Those who want to continue their studies in France in general secondary (baccalaureate) or vocational (CAP, BEP, etc.) education should speak to the local education authorities for their place of residence.

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