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Welcoming foreign delegations

Accueil d'une délégation algérienne - Février 2020

Welcoming foreign delegations in the field of education and training is a considerable challenge for the French Ministry of National Education and Youth (ministère de l’éducation nationale et de la jeunesse).


This is why the delegation for European and international relations and cooperation (DREIC), reserving the opportunity to decide on welcoming a given delegation, involved France Éducation international in this action by making it responsible for the programme of the visits. An agreement for this purpose was signed on 13 October 2005.
The logistics of welcoming foreign delegations has been handled by EPIC Campus France since 1 January 2011.
When visits are funded by the delegations themselves, they or their diplomatic representatives in Paris are then responsible for these logistics.
Once the visit proposals have been approved by the DREIC, France Éducation international intercedes to:

  • prepare the welcome programme for foreign delegations and information on the French education system;
  • facilitate access for foreign delegations to establishments, institutes and bodies offering education or involved in implementing education policies, in addition to arranging meetings with leading figures and professionals.

The general theme for the content of these visits is the subject of cooperation with DREIC and, if necessary, other departments of the ministry, as well as other public partners, such as the French Ministry for Foreign Affairs (ministère des affaires étrangères), in accordance with the delegation’s wishes.

The foreign delegations unit is directly attached to the institute’s management. 

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Welcoming foreign delegations – in figures

18 foreign delegations welcomed in 2019

Afrique : 7 (39%) ; Asie et Océanie : 5 (27%) ; Europe : 3 (17%) ; Amérique : 3 (17%)






people welcomed


days of visits


30 foreign delegations welcomed in 2018

Afrique : 9 (30%) ; Asie et Océanie : 6 (20%) ; Europe : 10 (33%) ; Amérique : 5 (17%)


people welcomed


days of visits