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France Éducation international is committed to helping the French Presidency of the Council of the European Union succeed

The presidency of the Council of the EU1 rotates every six months to a different Member state of the European Union. This honour now falls to France, from 1 January to 30 June 2022.



France Éducation international, as a public agency of the French Ministry for National Education, Youth and Sport, is fully committed to helping the French authorities succeed in this key European endeavour. To help prepare and ensure the success of the French Presidency of the Council of the European Union (FPEU), FEI organised a series of initiatives before and during the presidency.

This collaboration began in spring 2021: FEI took over the task of recruiting contact people for the FPEU, to support the General Secretariat of the French Presidency of the European Union, a service under the authority of the Prime Minister.

Support to ensure the international meetings on education are a success

At the request of the Ministry of National Education, Youth and Sport, France Éducation international hosted the Meeting of Directors-General for European and International Affairs of the Ministries of National Education of the European Union on 16-17 December 2021.

Again to support the Ministry, France Éducation international organised the Lycée d’Europe programme, which due to the pandemic took place online on 12-18 February 2022. This event involved 120 high school pupils, from the 27 countries of the EU, and their teachers. It addressed education in European citizenship.

Support for multilingualism and European educational cooperation

As part of the FPEU, the organisation is promoting the Fil Plurilingue website (“Multilingual Strand”), which provides resources for the teaching of disciplines in French in French-speaking bilingual courses. On this occasion a spotlight will be shone on multilingual education in the European area, a key asset for young Europeans. This project was awarded the FPEU label.

Additionally, we can cite the article in edition no. 88 of the Revue internationale d’éducation de Sèvres (Sevres International Review of Education), published in January 2022 and entitled ”L’Europe de l’éducation: faire vivre l’expérience acquise du manuel franco-allemand d’histoire” (“Europe of Education: bringing life to the experience acquired from producing joint Franco-German history textbooks”), written by Jean-Louis Nembrini.

Finally, France Éducation international takes an active part in events to publicise its actions to promote European mobility and participate in the reflection on multilingualism. Its teams were thus involved in facilitating the ministerial conference entitled “Osons la mobilité!” (“Dare to be mobile!”) on 19 January 2022. As part of the virtual mobility village, FEI was able to enhance the value of languages certifications, as well as the projects by the language and mobility assistants department. The Director General of FEI also presided one of the workshops of the ”Innovation, Technology and Multilingualism” forum of the Ministry of Culture, on 7-9 February. This key moment united many French and European bodies working in translation and language, digital and artificial intelligence technologies, to promote multilingualism in our societies.

Between now and July 2022, France Éducation international will continue taking an active part in various events organised by the FPEU, which can be followed here.

[1] The Council presidency organises and presides over the meetings, brokers compromises, makes conclusions and oversees the decision-making process to ensure its coherence and continuity. It ensures good cooperation between all the Member states.