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International centres of excellence for technical training

Helping to export french expertise


A major challenge for all french companies

Supporting their international development through quality training of local human resources

Beyond the performance of their products and technologies, companies value a quality professional and technological training model. When they set up abroad, they must be able to accompany their development with training that meets the same requirements.

A response to chese challenges

International Centres of excellence for technical training

This system is based on a tripartite partnership between the French Ministry of National Education and Youth, companies that are established internationally or wish to do so and the foreign countries that host them.

The creation of these centres of excellence gives concrete expression to these partnerships. France Éducation international, the agency of the French Ministry of Education for international cooperation, coordinates their implementation abroad.

A "win-win" partnership that is mutually beneficial

Each of the partners provides a specific contribution, each of the partners gains.


  • The technical platform and modern didactic equipment;
  • Industrial and commercial expertise.


  • Skilled workforce that matches the needs of the company;
  • Enhancement of the social and commercial image of the company.


  • The premises, workshops and laboratories;
  • A teaching and administrative team.


  • Immediate modernization of training, equipment and laboratories;
  • Technological and pedagogical updating;
  • Appropriation of learning outcomes.


  • A French expert teacher for a period of three years.
  • Expertise in pedagogical engineering for qualification of human resources.


  • Development of international teaching institution-enterprise partnerships;
  • Promotion of French technological and pedagogical expertise in the world;
  • Long-term relations with foreign partners for the Campuses for vocational education and training excellence.

Since the creation of these centres of excellence

  • More than 30 training centres have been established;
  • In 14 countries;
  • Training courses offered in the automotive, aeronautics, railway, building and public works, electricity, industrial automation, shipbuilding, product lifecycle management;
  • Mainly through partnerships with companies such as: Airbus (Vietnam), Dassault Systèmes (South Africa, Vietnam...), Engie (Chile), Naval Group (Brazil), PSA-Peugeot-Citroën (China), Renault (China), Schneider Electric (Algeria, Tunisia, Kenya, South Africa, Latin America, India, Indonesia, Vietnam, Kazakhstan), Vinci (Chile);
  • More than 100 000 students involved;
  • More than 1000 teaching staff trained.

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International centres of excellence for technical training